Meet The Mafia Family

Hosts and GUests


The most exciting part if the show will be the host and guests. We will focus on not only entertainment but information about these cases and crimes.

We focus on cases you have probably never heard of, and we take you from birth to execution. 




The “Pod Father” Rich Bystron


The Host and Pod Father became a serious True Crime fan while in college studying criminal justice. He understands the mind of killers because he spent over 5 years of his life living and dealing with them on a daily basis. He has the insight very few can provide. 



The Co-Host and Guests

The Team


One of the biggest things we will focus on is bringing you the best and most interesting guests and Co-Hosts available. One featured and reoccurring host and Video editor will be young Dylan Walker. Dylan is a serial killer fanatic and aspiring FBI agent specializing in behavioral studies of serial killers.